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      "Yes. You have come to look into Countess Lalage's affairs."

      "Of course. Did we not raise money on the San Salvator property from him also? That was nearly a hundred thousand pounds."

      "Which I shall be able to do," Lawrence interrupted.

      (1.) What kind of strains are shafts subjected to?(2.) What determines the strength of shafts in resisting transverse strain?(3.) Why are shafts often more convenient than belts for transmitting power?(4.) What is the difference between the strains to which shafts and belts are subjected?(5.) What is gained by constructing a line shaft of sections diminishing in size from the first mover?(6.) What is gained by constructing line shafts of uniform diameter?

      "It is very good of you to say so," Bruce murmured feebly.

      "Now, look here," he said to the man with the papers. "Those men are to be arrested, but so far away from here as not to give any suspicion of the house being watched. The little dandy chap who just came in is to be left to me. That's all."


      "The simplest thing in the world. You took the packet of notes from Bruce's pocket and supplied their place with the forty 5 notes, the numbers of which were sent out in the letter which Leon Lalage had intended for his brother. And when Bruce went away he had that damning evidence in his pocket. And that is how that vile, shameless thing was done."


      Ren broke out into sudden exultation. He saw it all now. He had been lulled into a false position of security, and Leona had slunk away and called for assistance on the telephone. He had not known that there was such a thing in the house. How she must have smiled at him in her sleeves all the time, knowing that his capture was certain, and that she had her own avenue of escape.The patient gentleman smiled again as he said, "Oh--Gholson can attend to that."