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      "But wot's to become of us?"Keeling stopped his drumming fingers, and looked up with his grim face relaxing.

      He knew now that Alice was lost. The whole of Boarzell lay between them. He had thought that she would be always there, but now he saw that between him and her lay the dividing wilderness of his success. She was the offering and the reward of failureand he had triumphed over failure as over everything else.

      I know you have. I cared about that too.Alice laughed.

      He showed her the way to the drawing-room, where his wife and Alice were standing by the fire.

      Four years later Reuben bought the farmstead of Totease. Brazier died, and the Manor, anxious as usual for ready money, put up his farm for sale. It was a good place of about sixty acres, with some beautiful hop gardens and plenty of water. Reuben felt that it would be unwise to neglect such an opportunity for enlarging the boundaries of Odiam. He outbid one or two small farmers, put the place under repair, engaged more hands, and set to work to develop a large business in hops.With this remark he rose and walked away. It was agreed that there was a certain air of improbability about his narrations, and Frank ventured the suggestion that the stranger would never get into trouble on account of telling too much truth.



      "They are indeed pretty," answered De Boteler; "and the fair hands that wrought them deserve praise. What think you, Sir Robert?""I could have s?aved two pound a month on Realf's wage."


      "You ?un't. That's why I'm turning you away."Better, he said, better already. Poor parson has been lonely without his dear kind Helper. But now hes got her again.