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      I'm All on Fire 77

      "No; we'll go in there and chuck her down that hole where she kept her whisky, and fasten the hasp in the staple."

      The next attempt was equally successful, and as Shorty unrolled the bills he remarked:


      "Here, Sergeant," ordered Lieut. Bowersox, "line the men up, count them, learn their names, and give them a little preliminary drill, while I go to Headquarters and see the Colonel again about our transportation."


      "Trowso," prompted Si"That's probably Goober Crick, or at least Goober Crick is somewhere under that muddy freshet," acquiesced Shorty. "But I'm not at all sure that it's the crick. Looks more like a misplaced chunk out o' the Mizzoori River. I'm not sure, either, that your eyes kin see that distance. We'll have to walk you till we find a section of the crick somewhere that kin be recognized by the naked eyes. Come along, and step lively."