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      I dont miss much! Sandy said meaningly.

      Si, in his own hungry eagerness, had not missed him, until his own appetite began to be appeased by the vigorous onslaught he made on the eatables. Then he looked around for his partner, and was horrified not to find him by his side.

      Ohpshaw, Jeff

      "Sure you've got no whisky?" said Si.

      The 'Squire entered, mopping his face with his bandana, and moving with the deliberation and dignity consistent with his official position."Why, certainly," said the Deacon, who had just finished his own ablutions,' and was combing his hair. "Every man must do that to be decent."


      "Carry arms," commanded Si."Deacon, you are the first man in about a million betwixt here and the Tennessee River that I'd let tech that gun. I don't know now of another man in the United States that I'd trust it with. That 'ere gun is loaded plum full of other folks's money."


      Miss Serena, with the yacht stewardess, uneasy but clinging close to the older woman, made up the representatives of the ladies side, while Captain Parks, his chef, mate, engineer and their helpers and crew, with the caretaker and all the new servants, filled one end of the room.


      153And the teamster pranced out and brandished his blacksnake whip menacingly.