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      "Look!" she said with her shaky little laugh. "We've been canonized."

      "And I've made good in the job, too," he went on. "I'm considered quite a valuable man. Delehanty has put me in charge of a squad."V2 France, where he thought himself safe. But though the Intendant had long been an object of distrust, and had often been warned to mend his ways, [567] yet such was his energy, his executive power, and his fertility of resource, that in the crisis of the war it was hard to dispense with him. Neither his abilities, however, nor his strong connections in France, nor an ally whom he had secured in the bureau of the Colonial Minister himself, could avail him much longer; and the letters from Versailles became appalling in rebuke and menace.

      [504] tat de l'Arme Fran?aise devant le Fort George, autrement Guillaume-Henri, le 3 Ao?t, 1757. Tableau des Sauvages qui se trouvent l'Arme du Marquis de Montcalm, le 28 Juillet, 1757. This gives a total of 1,799 Indians, of whom some afterwards left the army. tat de l'Arme du Roi en Canada, sur le Lac St. Sacrement et dans les Camps de Carillon, le 29 Juillet, 1757. This gives a total of 8,019 men, of whom about four hundred were left in garrison at Ticonderoga.

      "I'll be hanged if I thought o' that!" said Si, while the boys joined in a hearty laugh."What for?" stammered Pen.

      In the midst of his passionate solicitude, a queer little suspicion flickered up in Pendleton's eyes. "While I am gone for the doctor don't let her exert herself in the slightest," he commanded.

      "What does anybody want money for?" said Pen. "Thousands of things!"


      [711] Mmoires sur le Canada, 1749-1760.


      Pen thought: "Of course he wouldn't trust another woman to write to her," and was exquisitely unhappy.


      Pendleton's feelings were mixed. He was relieved, and as soon as he was relieved he remembered his suspicions. In order to divert attention from Aunt Maria whose delineation of sleepiness was rather melodramatic, Pen smiled at her father and murmured that she felt better.