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      "My own dear girl, I have been cruel to youbrutal and unkind; but you would forgive me if you knew what I have suffered since noon yesterday; and, indeed, my suffering began before then. That man's harping on Lostwithiel's name in all his talk with youhis air of meaning more than he saidand your embarrassment, awakened suspicions that had to be set at rest somehow. Remember the disadvantages under which I labourthe difference in our ages; my unattractiveness as compared with younger men. These things predisposed me to doubt your love. I have not had a moment's peace since the night of that odious dinner-party. Yes; I have felt a new sensation. I know what jealousy means. But it is past. Praise be to God, it is past. I have come out of the cloud again. Oh, my love, had it been otherwise! Had we been doomed to part!"

      Allegra employed all her arts as a sick-nurse in the endeavour to ward off any evil consequence from that imprudent slumber in the chill hour of sunset; but her cares were unavailing. Isola was restless and feverish all night, yet she insisted on getting up at her usual hour next morning, and declared herself quite capable of the journey to Genoa. Allegra and her brother, however, insisted on her resting for a day or two. So the departure was postponed, and the doctor sent for. He advised at least three days' rest, with careful nursing; and he reproved his patient severely for her imprudence in exposing herself to the evening air.

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      "C'est la glose d' Orleans,that is to say, the commentary is more obscure than the text," answered Dick, shaking his head, as if he could make nothing of it.

      "Is that really, really true?"

      "She would no more look at me as a lover than she would at a Pariah dog," said the captain, when some officious boon companion at the club suggested that he should enter himself for the Crowther Stakes.


      I can believe it! he said. I can believe anything of you that is brave and noble. And I beg you, on your part, to believe that we, in England, are not all like these silly, brainless chatterers. He waved his hand toward the palms.