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      HOURS THAT WERE ALL-TOO-FEW AND ALL-TOO-SHORT.But the astute Deacon had overlooked one thing in his calculations. The crisp morning air was filled with the pungent smell of burning feathers and flesh, and the fragrance of stewing chicken. It reached hungry men in every direction, made their mouths water and their minds wonder where it could come from.

      "Old Rosey ought to set us to buildin' arks," grumbled Shorty. "We'll need 'em as bad as Noah did.""Why, this is highway robbery, threats, puttin' in bodily fear, attempted murder, hoss-stealin'."

      "All right," said Si; "that'll do splendidly, if you think you kin dodge the Lootenant."

      Si had hard work restraining the angry words which fumed up when he saw the execution of his command. Only a few had turned to the right. The rest had either stood still, turned to the left or were turning first one way and then another, to adjust themselves to those nearest them.

      "But I concluded that there was too much Bob Smiles in that country for me, unt I had better leave for some parts where I was not likely to meet him. So I crossed the Mississippi River, unt joined General Rosecrans's Headquarters."


      "Lord, it's burnin' my lights out. Gi' me a drink o' water, somebody."He filled both those receptacles, but still had fully half his money left on his person.



      "Halt, there," called out the suspicious Shorty.