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      The thought kept them both silent, for a moment; then Bergan turned to see what else of interest was to be found in the studio.

      "Good gracious!" she exclaimed. "How can you startle any one like that? How do you know that I have not heart disease?""Well!" said Doctor Gerrish, growing tired of the prolonged silence, "what do you think of it?"

      Astra shook her head. "I could not put it anywhere now," she answered, drearily.And returning to the charge, Doctor Remy did not remit his efforts until he had gotten the half-vexed young man upon his feet, and forced him to pace two or three times up and down the office. Thereupon Bergan was fain to avow that his limbs were stiff and sore, and he had no mind for further exercise.

      "Oh, I believe Mrs. Crowther's heart is big enough to be kind to a whole parish."Esmeraldas quick eyes noted that he was young, that his eyes were blue, his hair yellow and curly; a slight golden mustache fringed his upper lip. He was dressed in a rough suit, with high riding-boots, and a red shirt. But, even to Esmeraldas unsophisticated eyes, he looked somewhat different to the ordinary digger.


      "But men are apt to think lightly of a remote evil. The present monopolizes their fears, as it does their labors. Moreover (they say), there are dozens of little, everyday sins, which entail no such fearful consequences. Let us see how our text bears upon these points.


      "I think I hear a carriage," said Isola, putting down her cup and saucer, and looking at her jacket, which Mrs. Mayne was holding before the fire.